Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blog Post 15: Entrepreneurship

My career plan is to be either a pharmacist or work in the field of forensics. Both of these fields fit that of the business person model, however it does also fit that of an entrepreneur. As I further self-evaluate what I want with my life I most fit under the category of a business person. I want to have the characteristics that are found in both the Entrpreneur and Business person models. If I could blend these two models I would want to work in a business that is already running. I still want to have time for family and personal life while still being able to live within my means and being financially free.

An area for improvement would be for me to allow others to help me and for me to ask for help. I have a problem in asking for help. I have a feeling that in being a business person rather than an entrepreneur I would be more inclined to ask for help before I find myself into much of a whole.
As far as who lives the happiest life, that of an entrpreneur or that of a business person, I think it is whoever is happiest with what direction there life has taken them. To each person the definition of happiness is different. Life is what you make it, if you are not happy with it change it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Criteria For Evaluation

Criteria to evaluate group members
  1. Attendance- participation--- thoughtful ideas, and discussion
  2. Ambition/Initiative-- getting done what you say your going to do done.
  3. Cooperation/Communication - Good communication, answered emails, came to meetings, works well will other teamates.
  4. Research Quality - Overall quality of assigned sections (amount of material, legitimacy)
  5. Deadlines met - Was the students information posted in google docs in a timely manner
  6. Ideas/Contribution - Were his/her ideas useful to the project, did the person contribute to the overall design of the project
  7. Reliability

class evaluate criteria
1. attendance/participation
2. tasks accomplished
3. professionalism
4. communication
5. contribution

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog Post 10: Specific Ethical Question

The Morning After Pill:
Pharmacists are asked
Is it ethical to allow females to buy the morning after pill?
Argument for Yes- It is argued that yes it is ethical because it is giving the female the choice to control her life. Many say that it is not the sale of the pill that is the problem; it’s the education that people are receiving.
Argument for No- It is argued that no it is not ethical because every person is put on this earth for a reason. Who knows maybe you just killed the human being that would have discovered the cure for a certain disease(s). They also say that even if you didn’t intend on that happening you could also do embryonic stem cell research instead. Some argue that with the sale of this pill, it is giving younger people the idea that having sex before they are ready is ok because they will have the pill.

As a pharmacist I would sell the morning after pill.

I however personally side with the argument for against it. I understand that everyone is entitled to make decisions for themselves about what direction they want to take their life.  I would say the sale of the pill would be ok for reasons such as cases of rape. I otherwise believe that everyone is put on this earth for a reason and so you should allow that life to live. Your parents kept you, they decided that you were important to them. If you personally don’t want to keep the life your responsible for creating then there are adoption agencies and programs where you can hand your child over to authorities after the first 72 hours of life to give them a better life then what you can provide for them at this point in time.

Blog Post 9: Project Title, Issue, and Action Plan

Post your team's project Title, Issue, and Action Plan.

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Blog Post 8: Ethical Question

Is it ethical for a physician to accept Wild tickets from a pharmaceutical rep to take her family to the game?

I think that if you are accepting the tickets under circumstances that do not pertain to work then it is alright. Otherwise I think that it is a conflict of interest and that they should not be accepted. Many may not agree with this stance, but it is my personal morals and beliefs. You do not mix business with pleasure. Many things can go wrong when this happens.

Blog Post 7: General Ethics

Post an ethical code/statement for your career field of interest that has been developed by a professional organization in your field.

Post this code/statement for the following countries: USA, India, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Isreal

Blog Post 6: Diversity

Talk about what diversity means to you. And explain how valuing and championing diversity will help you in your career.

Post the diversity statements from 5 companies or organizations in your field of interest, comment how they are similar and/or different. How do each of these fit with your own diversity values?
--Diversity, to me, means differences. These differences can vary from race to views on different issues. No two individuals are completely identical down to the core. Diversity will help in my career because not everyone will have the same viewpoints within the medical community. My hopes are to work as a pharmacist or work in pharmaceutical and medical sales. These fields can be controversial for many reasons. One major issue within the medical field is on stem cell research and if we should be tampering with the natural order of things.


They are all saying about how they are an equal opportunity employer/equal treatment facility. They all fit my idea of diversity values.